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Category : Life style

Update : June 29th 2015 (iOS) / June 9th 2015 (WP)

Version : 3.5 (iOS) / 1.7 (WP)

Size : 12.1 Mo (iOS) / 3.0 Mo (WP)

Languages : English, French

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You like sales but you are tired of the mental arithmetic ?
DomSoldes is the application that will free you ! It is free and offers a pleasant and quick interface to do your shopping with confidence !
50% off jeans, 70% off shoes, 30% off a jacket... How much is all this ?
It offers several services that will accompany you during your shopping sprees :

Now Available on Apple Watch

Calculating percentages, French sales calendar and currency converter right on your wrist !

Calculate the price of the item after rebate(s)*

Just simply enter the price of your item, the discount(s) displayed in stock and you're done ! In a wink you know the final amount to be paid in cash !

Create/view lists of your purchases

Once the final amount calculated, you can add the item to a shopping list and thus follow at any time the total amount of your expenses ! Finite budgets exceeded !
DomSoldes think about your wallet !
For each of your saved items, you can add a photo, change the name, specify the place of purchase and then share via Facebook/Twitter or email with all your friends !

Make a list of your wishes and future purchases

You saw a great item in the store but have not been able to buy it for lack of time or money but still want to buy it in a few weeks or months ?
This is not a problem ! Shoot it or make a note of the list of your wishes will be updated and you will be sure not to forget when your next outing !

Currency converter

You are abroad and want to convert the local currency? No worries ! You now have a currency converter with updated exchange rates in real time.

French sales calendar

You'll never miss out on top bargains with the schedule of outstanding french sales and future !

Size guide

Now, you have summary tables between different sizes (US, UK, European...) for your purchases ! In addition, we offer a way to find the size of a ring, convenient to never go wrong with jewelry !

On your marks ! Ready ? Go !
The shops do more than you expect !

*Prices are calculated as an indication and can change based on calculations applied in store.

Update (iOS)

Version 3.5
  • NEW : DomSoldes now on Apple Watch ! Calculating percentages, French sales calendar and currency converter right on your wrist !
Version 3.1
  • Graphics bugs fixed + all new features of the version 3.0 !
Version 3.0
  • NEW : You now have a size guide ! You can also find your ring size !
  • The currency converter and sales calendar now work offline ! The list of available currencies has also been extended !
  • DomSoldes is now optimized for the new screens of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.
  • Optimized for iOS 8.
  • Optimizations graphics and minor bug fixes.
Version 2.7
  • DomSoldes opens internationally. Your application now fully translated into English !
Version 2.6
  • The currency converter is operational again !
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent cache transition to winter sales on the calendar
  • Enhancements for entering values
Version 2.5
  • Improved compatibility for iOS 7
  • Optimizations and adding animations
Version 2.4
  • Fixed minor bugs and improved stability
Version 2.3
  • New feature : the currency converter with updated real-time exchange rates !
  • New feature : the french sales calendar !
  • Graphical improvements
  • Fixed minor bugs
  • This new version of DomSoldes also marks the appearance of a banner in the application.
  • Indeed, the model allowed free, of course, not offset the costs associated with application development (hardware + developer working time license). Thus, we sought the best way to pay for the application you the least possible disruption. So we opted for adding a banner only on the first page of the application. We hope you understand this choice and your user experience will not be too disturbed.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
The team Tubaous.

Version 2.2
  • Fixed minor bugs
Version 2.1
  • iOS 5.0 support and fixed a bug preventing the application to run under iOS 5.1
  • Application orientation in both vertical directions
  • Ability to save your pictures taken via the application in film
Version 2.0
  • DomSoldes now becomes a universal application, fully adapted to the iPhone, iPod, iPad and the iPad Mini!
  • Significant graphical overhaul of the application
  • You can now add a photo to your article, but also change the name and specify the place of purchase.
  • It is possible to make a list of all your future desires and add a photo and price to be sure not to forget anything for your next shopping spree !
  • Also present in this new version, sharing your articles and your future purchases via Facebook/Twitter and e-mail
  • Fixed a bug that did not remove all the items in a list when it was cleared.
Version 1.1
  • Graphical improvements
  • Optimization of ergonomics and performance
  • Compatibility iOS 6
  • Compatibility iPhone 5